Jus Jus is a playful twist on traditional verjus. We take that green juice, tame it with a splash of ripe Muscat blanc, and ferment it ever so slightly, to create a unique, low-alcohol sparkling beverage perfectly suited to your festive brunch or week night get together.

Jus Jus: Day is a natural blend of tart, organic Chardonnay from Hawkeye Ranch In Redwood Valley, CA, and aromatic, organic Muscat blanc from First Generation Farmers in Contra Costa, CA.

Lightly fermented in the style of a Pét-Nat to reach just 3.5% ABV, Jus Jus: Day has one quarter of the ABV of your average sparkling wine, with no added sulfites or preservatives.

Verjus (pronounced vair-ZHOO) translates to “green juice.” Early in the growing season, farmers prune the vines of excess grapes and press the fallen fruit to produce a fresh, tart juice that–unlike wine–is never fermented. Verjus has been used as a more delicate substitute for lemon in French kitchens since the middle ages, and more recently, it’s complex acidity has made it a treasured ingredient in the world of high-end cocktails.