This off-dry style of Poiré – or pear cider – has a rustic feel that is obvious from the first sip. The flavor then heads down a different road into what is an obviously very pear-orientated area. Refreshing doesn’t even begin to describe the tantalizing flavors encountered within! A perfect bottle for hot weather! 

Domaine des Cinq Autels started the production of cider in 1984. Previously, the company’s organic agricultural production was led by Maurice Pitrou, the father of Jean René. In 1967, Maurice Pitrou realized the harmful effects of using fertilizer products and decided to change its methods into an organic way of production. They have continued the organic practice to produce high-quality products in the most eco-friendly and healthy way. Today, 30 years later, they are still as convinced by this choice and are making ciders with the same passion.