100% Ribolla Gialla - an ancient grape that originated along the border of the Italian region of Friuli and Slovenia

Made of grapes from the Bengier Vineyard in Napa Valley which had one of the first plantings of Ribolla Gialla in California

Extremely flavorful dry wine with dehydrated fruits, sweet spices, and zippy finish! A perfect skin contact wine to pair with a meal! 

Quote from the winemakers, Tim Sakhuja & Ayaka Nonaka, "The name Toshokan means library in Japanese. To us, winemaking is a lot like curating a library. Except instead of dealing with human knowledge, we’re dealing with place, time, and people. Each bottle of wine is a window into the vineyard site and broader region, the weather patterns during the vintage, and the people that farm the grapes and make the wine."