Stolpman's Para Maria Rose (and Para Maria Red Blend) is named for Maria Solorzano, Stolpman's quiet, hard-working vineyard crew manager. This brand is a 50/50 partnership between the Solorzano and Stolpman families.

The nose pops with berry spice, tropical fruit perfume, and taught tiny strawberries.  In the mouth, deeper red fruit flirts with crisp acidity and firm crunch.  Cherry juice lingers on the finish with zesty freshness.

The nickname for villagers from Santa Cruz, Jalisco; Maria’s hometown, is “Tecolote” – or night owl.  The name stems from the popular late night parties thrown in the town.  Maria and La Cuadrilla also turn nocturnal for three months out of the year to harvest in the cold night air for maximum freshness.  A resident female Great Horned Owl is the most prolific rodent-control beast on the vineyard.