Jérôme Dehours farms 42 different vineyards in the Marne Valley in Champagne, which is Pinot Meunier country. All are farmed organically with the utmost respect for the elements of nature and their expression. He has experimented with using zero sulphur as well, which is unheard of in Champagne.

The wines are fully aged on lees and are neither filtered or fined but clarified by natural decanting.

This "Grande Reserve" Cuvée is extra aged on lees and reveals the Pinot Meunier character. 30% of the wine is perpetual reserve wine from a Solera started in 1998. The other 70% is that year's harvest, which in this Cuvée is comprised of Pinot Meunier (70%), Pinot Noir (10%), Chardonnay (20%). Malolactic fermentation completed.

It's then aged in the bottle for 15 to 27 months.