Peter Lauer focuses on dry and off-dry Rieslings that come from the Saar area of the Mosel Valley. The mineral on the palate along with the purity and focus is so clearly attibuted to the terroir. The grapes come from an intricate tapestry of parcels and sub-parcels - the majority from the hillside of Ayler Kupp.

In 1956, Peter Lauer cultivated the best part of Ayler Kupp from a newly acquired parcel that belonged to the Notar Tappen-Mungenast winery in Saarburg. With a gradient of 70 percent, this is the steepest and warmest part of the hillside. The grapes are correspondingly ripe and so is the acidity. The now 65-year-old vines have an impressive age and have found their balance. The yield is low, and the quality is therefore excellent. The dry Kupp GG inspires with its fine spicy slate flavor and lively fruit.