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You've already worked through the Intro to Orange Bundle and now you're ready for the SERIOUS Orange wines. These 3 wines are quite expressive and will give your palette a run for its money. All 3 winemakers are masters of their craft and legends in their own right.

  • 2012 Vodopivec "Origine" Skin Contact Vitovska: Vodopivec exudes physical robustness and strength, but he simultaneously possesses a thoughtful and quiet intensity that mirrors the personality of his wines almost eerily—a certain gravitas and solidity that echo the terroir of the Carso itself.
  • 2015 Franco Terpin Jakot: I shook Franco Terpin's hands one time. I'll never forget it. His hands are those of a farmer - ursine and rough. Grape clusters are de-stemmed, and the fruit macerates and ferments for eight days in barrels made from Slavonian wood. The wines age for a year in barriques, a year in stainless steel, and finally a year in bottle
  • Frank Cornelissen Munjabel Bianco: Frank Cornelissen has earned the cult following he possesses. Originally from Belgium, he has been making wine on the side of Mt. Etna in Sciliy for 20 years now. The Munjabel Bianco is made from the white grapes Grecanico Dorato, Carricante, on the skins for 4 days. Balance of elegance and texture are one of Cornelissen's trademarks, and this skin-contact white is one of the top examples of his style.