100% Amigne from Switzerland! 2007 Vintage 

The Reserve cuvée of Grand Cru Amigne spends two years in barrel prior to bottling and does not undergo malolactic fermentation. It is a generously rich wine, but with a certain lift on the palate that leads into a pleasantly lingering finish. This, too, is often rendered in a demi-sec style with a modest amount of residual sugar. The crisp acidity that is a constant element of this grape variety helps to balance the wine and provide, despite its richness, a dry, mineral-infused finish.

Fabienne Cottagnoud has an unusual passion for the land and dramatic geology that surrounds her in the town of Vetroz. Reveling in the layers of schist, gneiss and granite, she strives to capture the nuances of the mineral soils of her vineyards. Working with the indigenous varietals of the Valais, the Cottagnouds are traditionalists, yet they also manage to push the boundaries with their wines.