From the winemaker:

"Our Amphora red changes each vintage depending on what grape varieties we think best suit the clay amphora in a given vintage. In 2020 a trio of new young vines, gamay, trousseau and pinot noir (calera clone), were showing their first small crop and we felt these were a perfect trio for the raw clay amphora. The trousseau noir was harvested first, in early September, and destemmed into the amphora then came the Pinot noir and, finally the Gamay noir. The first two grapes bring the vibrant ripe red berry fruits with Gamay supplying fresh acidity and vibrant warm spice notes. The grapes were fermented for three weeks in the original amphora Andrew Beckham crafted in 2013 when the ferment reached dryness it was transferred into a single new NOVUM amphora for 9 months of maturation in cool clay."