In  2008,  Guillaume  Sergent  started  his  micro-domaine  with  a  tiny  parcel  of  his  family’s  vineyards.  Along  with  his  formal  education in  enology, he earned a degree in geology, making time spent with him a treat filled with in-depth details of the natural history of his vineyards and the surrounding area. 

Located on the Montagne des Reims,  Guillaume’s minuscule 1.25 acres of vineyards are entirely committed to organic culture and plowed by  horse.  All the wines are all aged in old François Frères French oak barrels and finished with a small dosage —rarely more than 1g/L—and  minimal  amounts  of  sulfur  (45mg/L,  or  45ppm),  with  no  induced  stabilization,  fining  or  filtration.  And  while  he  employs  simple  and straightforward, low-tech winemaking processes, Guillaume’s wines are subtly tense, ethereal and refined—a clear reflection of his mastery in the vineyards and soft touch in the cellar. 

Les Prés Dieu,  a single harvest Blanc de Blancs premier cru composed of Chardonnay, originates from two vineyard plots on light sand  and chalky soil. Both plots are within the advantageous middle of their respective hills, which brings balance to the body of wines; Les Prés faces  northeast  and  Les  Vignes  Dieu ,  south.  The  May  2019  disgorgement  comes  entirely  from  the  2017  vintage,  while  the  July  2020  disgorgement, entirely from 2018. Wines labeled B.O . ( Bouteilles Oubliées,  which translates as “forgotten bottles”) signifies a lengthier bottle  aging that lasts a minimum of six years.