Savagnin Rose is not Savagnin, nor is it rosé, it's a Traminer variety/biotype specific to Jura but even there it's an extreme rarity. Marin and his family are fortunate that many years ago there were two rows planted to Savagnin Rose in Les Besivette. This is as aromatic and fragrant as white wine comes, the best parts of alpine gewurztraminer with the best parts of minerally Jura whites. Only 300 bottles made every 2 years or so, and we were allowed to purchase just 3 of them!

100% Savagnin Rose from the vineyard Les Besivette, Jura, clay and limestone with mineral deposits, 400-450m ASL, cold stabilized for 2 days before racking into barrels for fermentation and 24 months aging on fine lees, aging in bottle for 4 years before release, unfined and unfiltered.

Fumey Chatelain is a husband and wife team - Raphael Fumey and Adeline Chatelain, who tend about 17 hectares of vineyards in the Jura subregion of Arbois.

The wines are made with minimum intervention and they are in the process of organic and biodynamic certification. As they say..."respectful of the living soil we do everything possible to obtain healthy berries. Good wines are produced with great grapes."