100% País

Segundo Flores is made from 0.5ha of 150-year-old piè franco - meaning the vines are un-grafted - País grown in the Maule Valley on granite clay soils. 

Bright red fruit, with aromas of fresh roses and smoke. 

A series of chance encounters is what let Macarena del Río and Thomas Parayre to find each other and to start their joint project, Macatho in 2016. Born in Chile to a French mother, Maca enrolled at the prestigious University of Bordeaux to study winemaking. Thomas was born in France and travel to Chile to "seek adventure" where he moved in with a new roommate by the name of Louis-Antoine Luyt. Louise would go on to introduce Maca and Thomas while they were all working harvest. 

Maca and Thomas are some of the the most talked-about newcomers to the wine scene in Chile. Based in Chillán, they currently work and farm old-vine parcels of land organically in Maule, BíoBío and Itata.