Friends, Paul Marchand-Perarnau and Willy Roulendes, lost touch after moving to separate sides of France and came together to collaborated on this wine as a way to keep their long-term friendship alive, hence the name Ami which means “friend” in french. “We would like to produce a wine that gives a smile to the person drinking it. We would like to produce a wine that somebody can enjoy as much as we have fun producing it.”

Willy has 20 years of wine-making experience working in some of the most prestigious regions of Burgundy. Paul worked previously as a sommelier and has experience in farming and wine-making. The pair met at La Maison Romane in Burgundy where Paul is the head winemaker, and years later they opened a domaine just south of Cote de Beaune. The pair are considered negociants, winemakers that buy grapes from other vineyards, and own 2.5ha of vines and buy around 2.5ha worth of grapes from friends.

This 100% Chardonnay has notes of tropical fruit and yellow apples with high, crisp acidity, and a creamy buttery finish.