Brewyard Beer Co. is a micro-brewery in Glendale specializing in Lagers, more specifically 'California Lagers', or California Common A.K.A 'Steam Beer' (unfortunately Anchor Steam has trademarked that term...). We like to describe them as 'amber lagers' as they have the backbone of an amber but the crispness of a lager.

A California Common is a beer that is fermented with lager yeast at higher ale-like temperatures for shorter periods of time and completely skips the lagering process. This brewing technique allows for a flavor profile similar to an ale but still retains a lighter body of a traditional Lager. They can be cloudy or clear in appearance. We like to call them “California Lagers” since their origins stem from the California Common.

6.3% ABV | 16oz can

In our opinion Brewyard has mastered this style of beer better than anyone around. And particularly their Jewel City Common has won numerous awards, including:

2017 Gold Medal - CA State Fair Commercial Beer Competition
2017 Silver Medal - SD International Commercial Beer Competition
2018 Bronze Medal CA State Fair Commercial Beer Competition
2019 Silver Medal - Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition