Caves Jean Bourdy is one of the oldest domaines in the Jura, owned by the Bourdy family since 1475 in the village of Arlay. The Domaine is now run by the 15th generation, brothers Jean-Phillipe and Jean-François. And now the 16th generation, Jean-François's daughter has begun to take the reins. The Domaine was certified biodynamic in 2006 and continues to make wine how they always have.

If you have not experienced Vin Jaune (or other wines made under flor), you are in for a real experience. Vin Jaune translates to "Yellow Wine". This color comes from the oxidative nature of extremely ripened Savagnin grapes put in 228 liter Burgundian barrels for 6 years and 3 months, never being topped up and allowing a veil of yeast to grow on top protecting the wine. Sherry wine in Jerez, Spain is made in a similar way as is Szamorodni wine in Tokaji, Hungary).

The flavor is deep, with walnut and blue cheese both on the nose and palate. Tons of umami. This wine is meant to pair with cheese. Intensity!