90% Merlot, 10% Malbec

The name Carbonneau comes from the production of wood charcoal – probably in the Middle Ages. The region was covered by an oak forest which has been replaced over the years by diverse cultures – including vines. Jacque Fouignet-Verbacle, is the oldest owner of Carbonneau that we know. The construction of the chateau started around 1860 and the location was carefully chosen over a shallow water source and well still in use today. The architecture and the orientation of the chateau were carefully chosen with the south facing terrace and living rooms overlooking the park. The wine cellar is half-buried which keeps the temperature constantly cool in summer. After the First World War the Chateau was sold and the financial crisis caused the new owners to rip out the vines. 

In 1992 New Zealand couple, Jacquie and Wilfred, took over the Chateau and restored it to it’s former glory.  Now the couple has opened their doors to guests as a Bed & Breakfast.

The aromas of black currant with hints of spice and chocolate are striking, leading to complex cherry and cassis flavors on the palate. Smooth and elegant

This wine is all about ripe blackberry fruits. Tannins give a dry edge to the perfumed flavors and acidity while underlining the fruitiness.