40% Caiño Longo, 34% Sousón, 26% Brancellao - indigenous red Galician varietals

Light with rich red fruit, a mineral backbone, and a fresh, acidic finish! 

Diego and his brother, Álvaro, grew up in Vigo, northwestern Spain’s largest metropolitan and industrial area. Together with their cousins, Fito and Anxo, the four of them make up Cume do Avia. The estate had been in their family for generations before it was abandoned in 1945. in 2005 these 4 men, who at the time were in their early 20's, returned to the property to find it dense with trees and underbrush. The cousins spent years carving out the land and in 2008 planted their first vines. In 2012 they finally made their first wine - the first wine any of them had every made!! - and by 2017 they were starting to turn heads with the quality of their wines!