Drink 1 a day, keep the Oogi Boogies away.

From DRAM: Our Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water is infused with adaptogens and 25mg of CBD. Crafted from clean ingredients, our CBD infused drinks are made from organic plants, contain zero calories, are gluten free, and contain no so called “Natural Flavors” (which can contain synthetic chemical flavoring even when labeled as “natural”).

Choose from 3 flavors!

Alpine Berry Sparkling Switchel + CBD: Switchel is a tart and tangy beverage historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep them hydrated and healthy on long days. We’ve added a modern twist with a full working of dose (25mg) of Colorado Hemp CBD per can.

Gingergrass Sparkling Water + CBD: A deliciously cheerful and aromatic sparkling water with a blend of adaptogenic herbs, stimulating Ginger and Colorado grown Hemp CBD.

North American Sweetgrass Sparkling Water + CBD: A relaxing and restorative bubbly drink with a blend of adaptogenic herbs, soothing Sweetgrass and Colorado grown CBD.