Fragas do Lecer is located in Vilaza, Galicia, in Northwest Spain. It sits in the valley of Monterrei alongside the Támega river. Owned by the Boo-Rivero family who focus on growing varieties that are indigenous to the region, Fragas do Lecar was started in 2005. Today they have 45 acres of land that provides a varieties of different soil types: granite based, sandy and slate, offering a greater complexity to the wines. 

Fraga do Corvo is 100% Verdello which is a specific clone located only in Monterrei that has adaped to the terroir and gives higher acidity. 

Fraga do Corvo is the name given locally to the landscape. In September, Corvos (crows) sit on the electric power lines near the vineyards and help by eating some of the fruit creating lower yields, thus providing a very important and helpful service for the winery.  To honor these helpful crows, the winery decided to name their white wine after them!