75% Syrah and 25% Sauvignon Blanc from the famed Renaissance Vineyard in Yuba County CA. This rosé is bright, fresh and vibrantly energetic. You'll find tons of aromatic wildflowers and ripe red berry tones. From first sip to last it's all red fruit and citrus, which is balanced by a zippy thread of acidity.

Aaron & Cara Mockrish ended up in North Yuba County with the intention of establishing a farm, but a bottle of Clos Saron Black Pearl 2008 sent them off on an unexpected path to winemaking. Having tasted the wine, they found that the man who made it lived near to their farm, and so they made it their mission to meet him. It was there, in Oregon House, California, that they found Gideon Beinstock, his tiny home vineyard, and their future. They began learning from Gideon, everything from working in the vineyards to the winery and everything in between, and it was clear that not only was this the life for them, that this place was a singular place and the wines were unlike anything else.