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Three of our favorite Georgian wines! Wine has been cultivated in the country of Georgia continuously longer than anyplace else in the world—8000 years, by some estimates—and currently a hotspot for the global natural wine movement.

Ocho 'Do You Believe?' Orange - a skin-contact white (orange wine) natural wine made from sustainably farmed Mtsvane grapes grown in Kakheti, Georgia. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeast, extended maceration in qvevri (amphora), unfiltered, minimal sulfites. 

Nikalas Marani Saperavi Budeshuri Red Nikalas Marani is run by the imitable Zurab. Saperavi is an unusual grape in that it is both red skinned and red fleshed (known as teinturier). Further, Budeshuri is a clone of Saperavi. The fruit was destemmed and crushed directly into qvevri without skin contact, however because the juice is dark it has color. After aging for 6 months Zurab opened the qvevri to sample the wine and between he an a few friends they quickly drank 5 liters. Lacking more of the same wine to top the qvevri up before resealing it he used a classical Saperavi from the same vineyard giving it a carnelian hue. Light and peppery but with loads of fresh acidity. Serve chilled. 

Oda Family Dzelshavi Red - 100% Dzelshavi, natural and unfiltered, notes of stewed red berry and earth. "Historically Semegrelo was a popular winemaking region, but in the 19th century fungal disease attacked the vineyards, and during the Soviet Era the region was completely forgotten. Keto has been instrumental in revitalizing the area and contributing to biodiversity. She also uses her writing and wine labels to bring attention to violence against women."