Oyster River is a small farm winery in Warren, Maine. There they work with hybrid grapes as well as other fruit from their farm and surrounding properties. The Morphos is Cayuga White and Seyval Blanc, bottled during the end of active fermentation and continues to ferment in the bottle leaving it dry, cloudy, yeasty, full of life, and with a natural effervescence. It's bright, fruity, fresh, minerally, a little yeasty and just 10% alcohol.  

From the winery: Our winery is very low tech. We use no refrigeration in our winemaking process and our winery is just very gently heated through the winter with wood harvested from our farm. Most of our fermentations start spontaneously with native yeasts that occur on the fruit and in the cellar, and play out over the course of several months. We add nothing and take nothing away from the natural chemistry of the fruit. No acidulation, deacidification, chaptalization, amelioration, tannins, enzymes, or yeast nutrients are used. All of our ciders and our sparkling wines are bottled without the addition of sulfites and are not filtered.