100% Mollard

Domaine du Petit Aout meaning 'little August' in French takes its name from proprietor Yann Agostini’s Italian heritage - his last name, Agostini, meaning 'little August' in Italian. The Hautes-Alpes is a region in eastern France between Savoie and Provence.

Yann began his wine studies in 1997, when he earned an enology degree in Bordeaux and did an internship in St. Emilion. After years of traveling and working for several highly regarded wineries, Yann found himself in Haute-Aples working for Domaine Allemaned - an estate that was chiefly responsible for revitalizing the almost extinct grape called Mollard. In exchange for his work, Yann received parcels of vines for which he started making wine under the name 'Petit Aout'. In 2012 Yann started his winery just outside of Theus and has been working organically since 2014.  

Fresh aromas of red cherry and black fruit with savory black pepper. Soft on the palate, this is a very versatile wine that can be enjoyed with anything you might put on your dinner table.