A gorgeously broad, rich and complex wine with great finesse, showing more garrigue and mineral than the others in the range, the rich tannic structure offset by a cool freshness, a vertical wine that feels like it thrusts out of the soil. It’s savoury and a little sweet, full of iron and cassis fruit, bone dry but plump. A killer example of the splendours of the Southern Rhône.

The Cuvée name reflects Philippe’s love of literature that references agricultural life. The phrase comes from a novel by the great French writer Jean Giono “Que Ma Joie Demeure”. A peasant farmer is ploughing one night and marvels at the star formation Orion which he compares to the flower of a carrot. Harvested later than the rest, this comes from the only vines planted east-west (for whatever reason, lost in the mists of time).