Variety: Pesecká leánka

The wines of Pivnica Cajkov are a synthesis of their wildly creative maker, Marek Uhnák, and the history of his family in the region of Cajkov. They are as inventive as they are classical. The production is based around the old Carpathian variety Pesecká Leánka. While studying wine at Oenology Secondary School in Modra & Mendel University in Brno he realized the mistake made in his region where historical grape varieties were replaced with popular international grape sorts. When he returned home to make wine in his familial vineyards his aim became to reverse this trend, not as a matter of taste but because of the unique suitability these localized vines have to their region.

Marek says "This is the wine most typical of my grandparents and our region. It is what we have and will always drink."