You're in luck! You trust us and our wines so let us pick a killer selections of some of our favorite wines for you.

TRB 6-Pack: For the progressive wine drinker, the adventure seeker, the avant-garde. Most definitely some orange wines, pet-nats and other house favorites!

Red 6-pack: Your wines will always balanced. Some may be fuller bodied, some more medium-bodied, and probably a few varietals you've never heard that are out of this world!

Dry White/Rosé/Bubbles 6-pack: A wonderful mix of dry, lighter wines to keep you refreshed all year long!

TRB 4-pack + FREE carrying tote: SCORE! You get both 4 incredible wines AND a free TRB Wine Tote to carry them home with!! ($9 value) Wines are picked by the ever knowledgeable team here at Tabula Rasa. Expect something fun!