Stéphane Tissot is an icon in the Jura. In 1990, after studying wine in Beaune, Stéphane took over from his father, André, as the head of the family's estate. He was destined to lead it in a new direction. He eliminated the use of selected yeasts and pushed the farming towards organic methods. Domaine Tissot received organic certification in 1999, and biodynamic certification 5 years later. They have grown in size over the years to become one of the most important producers of the Jura, and their belief of and focus on well-farmed, well-made wine has never wavered.

This wine is cloudy, earthy, and tastes like sour cherries. It's a blend of all three red grapes from the Jura: Trousseau, Poulsard, and Pinot Noir. The name “DD” is an homage to Stéphane’s father André who was nicknamed “dédé”